About Our Farm

Located in historic Chepachet, Rhode Island, Deep Roots Farm has been in the Steere Family since the late 1700’s. For generations, through the hard work of the Steere Family, it provided food, dairy, lumber, and even electricity through a water-powered mill to our local communities. In the 1970’s, like many small farms, it fell victim to “you can’t make a living off farming anymore” and it has sat mostly idle until now. We’re ready to bring the farm back to its former glory and provide sustenance to our local communities once again!

About Us

Katie grew up by her Dad’s side, learning how to drive the hay truck before she could reach the pedals while simultaneously looking out the windshield, and mastering the art of stacking hay before she graduated from middle school. After earning a dual degree in International Business from Northeastern University and Dublin City University, she took off to California to pursue a degree in marketing. Four years in, while constantly trying to get her Dad to try out new farming techniques from 3,000 miles away, she finally admitted to herself it was time to move home and rebuild the family farm.

After a summer internship at Polyface Farm in Virginia, she has moved home to built a “mini-Polyface” and the farm of her dreams!


Buster (Katie’s Dad) is the brains and the brawn behind the farm, not to mention the smartest guy Katie knows. In addition to his full time excavating business, he has taken care of the farm. He helps Katie out whenever he can and she is forever grateful for that!